White Wood Recycling

At our White Wood Recycling division, we service an area within a 90-mile radius of Indianapolis. Our focus is on manufacturing and repairing GMA pallets, custom pallets and skids, custom crates as well as customer pallet sorting and pallet management. Our products include:

  • A-Grade GMA pallets
  • B-Grade GMA pallets
  • Custom dimension pallets and skids
  • Custom crates
  • Heat Treatment
  • Wood fuel and mulch

All pallets are warehouse stored and shipped in a closed container to insure pallets will be delivered safe and dry.

White Wood also purchases a variety of pallets and skids including all grades of GMA pallets and over-sized pallets and skids. We also accept undersized pallets and many types of wood waste. In most cases we will deliver an empty trailer to your dock for easy loading.

Please contact us to assist you in establishing or updating your company’s pallet recycling program.

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