Wood Fuel and Mulch

At CLM we recognize the importance of reducing our environmental impact. Recycling is not a part of our business; it is our business. We also realize we are in a position to help many of our customers achieve their recycling goals. These are just a couple of reasons CLM has invested in a horizontal grinder capable of chipping 50 tons of wood per hour.

Our products include:

  • Wood Fuel – Because pallets are warehouse stored, our wood fuel has a very low  moisture content, which is highly desirable for boiler use.
  • Economy Mulch – Comprised of ground lumber material, this product is commonly used for wood fuel, livestock bedding and as an inexpensive mulch.
  • Landscape Mulch – Comprised of twice-chipped landscape material, this product is commonly used in flower beds and on garden paths.

You can be confident pallets and wood waste sent to CLM will be recycled. Through our grinding operation we recycle over one million pounds of wood waste per month that may have otherwise gone to community landfills.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you meet your company’s environmental objectives.

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